Feb 17, 2017

Dreams, Keep Them Alive Forever!


They put fire under its feet
when lifeless, the wings of faith
unable to soar beyond and forever,

They keep it running
when soles rough and chapped
almost ready to give in,

They keep it afloat
falls, ebb, or cry
crushing every spirit to walk,

They are it's guiding light
when the night is dark
days too glaring,

Deep as oceans
High as mountains
Fragrant as lilac
Pure as motherly love
Dreams, they make it worth living!

Our life is what are our dreams are. There are days when we feel like giving up. Slow down we can and we must sometimes, to re-energize ourselves but we must never, ever stop dreaming. For dreams give wings to our life, a reason to live, and flight to our happiness. 

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Feb 16, 2017

चाय और तुम

एक के बाद 
एक और, उसके बाद 
कई और 
चाय की प्यालियों की चुस्कियाँ 
अक्सर मुझे नहीं उबारती 
तुम्हारी यादों की तलब से। 
कम्भख्त ये तो 
मीठी अदरक-वाली चाय 
में भी 
नशा भर देती है 
और दिन ढलने पर रह जाते है 
यादों में डूबे शब्द 
कई खाली पड़े 
चाय के प्याले। 

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Oct 25, 2016

A Fire...

Outside on the mountains
A fire reigns with splendor,
The heart cries, what a sight to behold
Red-orange vast spread of the
Colors of the autumn!

Inside, within me, deep in the core
A fire ablaze, in a streak or two
Sometimes volcanic
Picking up the dried crust
Like an oasis in desert!

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May 17, 2016

Ariel Matic or Magic!

Husband and wife
Just like the wheels align
Move forward holding hands
Their home's a loving shrine!

No more fights
My turn or your turn, 
Despite the endless responsibilities
forget the endless churn!

Sharing the love
Rationing the responsibilities
Their journey now serene
Peaceful as the beautiful dove!

Miya-biwi ab kare kamal
Welcoming the new Ariel Matic
Smilingly cleaning the laundry 
Finishing the load like a trick in magic!

It seems it's not only Delhi being helped by the number game, but the odd-even rule could be for couples too. I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda. It was fun trying the product with calendar dates which means pre-set responsibilities. Try it and see for yourself!

May 16, 2016


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They come back
without him,
She, Sighs
Opens her eyes
A tear drop stops at her eyelid
The one big enough
to wet her soul,
Deep enough
to let her words leave
May be, she learnt a lesson
She closes her eyes
and shuts them,
the Memories!


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May 10, 2016

Just "You"!

The hues radiating
through my feelings,
The metaphors dancing
in my words,
The rays of hope
adorning my syllables,
The love almost unescapable
from my scribbles,
The heart, the soul
contained in my poems...

It's You,
Everywhere, just "You"


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